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 beg in ur knees..hurt poem

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PostSubject: beg in ur knees..hurt poem   Tue May 22, 2007 1:46 am

Beg on your knees, cuz I donít mind?
Show me your tears your fears & youíre hurt inside.
I just brook your wings so no way for you to fly
Hear you are running but thereís no place to hide

Under my feet you would weep
and pray to have some sleep

But I wonít let you go; I wonít let U take your freedom
and Iíll bury all our memories cuz I donít need them

Look in my eyes to see the fire burn
Revenge is so hard but sorry itís my turn
and itís time 4 a tough lesson to learn

Youíre shakiní cuz youíre scare to death
Thatís why Iíll dig a hole to bottommost depth
Then Iíll pull u there; where is no mercy in my heart

Where your shadow will fade & your soul will depart
Be scared honey, cuz this is the way Iíll start
What would I say other than this is the life; so hilariously hard

Your pride is stolen now
and your kingdom just falliní down ]
So now Iím your Queen whoís wearing your crown

You said that I can do nothing but see, I take everything even your shadow
Itís funny to see you shut up & all the words you would say are swallow

Sooner or later you will get what you deserve but all I need is time
Then you will find yourself lost in your life but stay in my rhyme

and everyone would only remember U in the story that Iíll tell
About dead devil who walked to the hell

This is the price you would have to pay
and no matter how hard you pray
you just made my heart like a stone 4 dat day
Stop begginí, what is done is done & nothing else to say
This is how will end up the last scene of your play
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PostSubject: Re: beg in ur knees..hurt poem   Tue May 22, 2007 1:55 am

i lov ethis poem ... its just amazing .. !!!
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PostSubject: Re: beg in ur knees..hurt poem   Fri May 25, 2007 6:19 am

@@ sherrira
:S how do u expect me to talk to you after i've seen this poem
Razz nice poem walla thanks for the post
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PostSubject: Re: beg in ur knees..hurt poem   

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beg in ur knees..hurt poem
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